That’s my biggest advice.

Just enjoy. Enjoy what you have, be grateful.

Enjoy each and every moment you spend with your friends. Because next thing you’ll know there’ll turn out to be your foes, or total strangers.

If you like someone or have a crush, just tell them, you’ll be happy afterwards. You can’t wait forever to have your happy ending.

Enjoy every moment with your family. One day there will be gone, you can’t wait forever, you really can’t wait. Trust me. Just then I was on a super trip with my mom and dad. Next thing I know we are all sitting on a couch, in our cold house (I can’t even call it home honestly), tears dripping down, kids confused, parents announcing their divorce. Months later you are already going on holidays with your ‘new family’, confused. You are there, listening to music with your sis, and again before you even realize it, you’re walking through the kitchen, two minutes later your mom’s here crying on your shoulders because of her.

Don’t think you will be happy forever, or sad. Enjoy every moment before it’s too late. Before the ones you love, fall in front of you slowly and hurtfully. Before one day you wake up and for breakfast you set the table for 4, lunch for 3 and dinner for 2. Before you go to bed all alone because everybody you liked, ended up by leaving. Please, enjoy every moments of your life. Don’t be selfish, don’t be arrogant, don’t be mean, and mostly just be grateful.

Always remember, to enjoy.


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