This morning I woke up.

Like everyday of my life, I woke up not knowing what to do. But here I go, I still like my mornings, they are calms, and it’s a new chance to be great.

I like to wake up without alarms. Alarms are obnoxious, they are bringing you back to hell, or heaven, it probably depends on people.

Anyway, I like to wake up on a rainy Sunday, knowing I’ll have nothing to do the next day; I like to wake up late, some people hate it, I like it, knowing that I have nothing to do, and that I chose to sleep instead of waking up. I like to stay in bed even longer, I like to read a nice book which takes me into another world again or check every social media to see what  everyone’s up to, or what they did while I was still asleep : and being totally fine with it. I then like to get up, to feel the cold floor touching my feet. I like to walk until I see a mirror showing me the truth about my face. I like to walk to a sink and with my little hands bring the coldest water to my face. I like to do this until my face turns a bit red on my cheeks, until my imperfections are back to life and until my hands hurt. I like to eat. Especially breakfast, such a cool meal. I like to have a nice green tea, so hot that it burns my tongue. I like to get dressed with the ugliest clothes I could possibly find in my closet, but I mean who cares, it’s Sunday.I like to listen to my favourite music probably a Shawn Mendes’ song from Illuminate or definitely one of The Fray’s song aka best group ever. I like these mornings.

And today when I woke up, I spent a morning like that, and that’s on one of these mornings that I found myself.

I promised to never lose myself again, cause it sucks.


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